Make Quick Money From Your Writing 5 Ways

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Want to make quick money from your writing? You can develop a great part time or full time income very quickly using any of the ways in this article.

Here they are.

1. Write Articles for the Web

A colleague just signed a contract to deliver 30 articles a month to a Web site, at $30 per article, for the next six months. The article topic is one he’s written about for years, so he can write these articles doing minimal research. While it’s not a huge per-word rate, it’s a steady part-time income which makes few demands on him.

Another colleague writes a monthly newsletter for a finance Web site; the newsletter is around 2000 words, he makes $3,200 per month.

Here’s what you need to write articles for the Web: the ability to write quickly, and the confidence to market your articles.

2. Blog for Instant Income

Everyone and his dog (literally) now has a blog. Business owners have also realized the worth of blogs: constantly updated content leads to search engine love, which leads to traffic, and enhanced income.

If you love blogging, it’s possible to make a great income. A colleague blogs for (at last count) 30 blogs, and she’s making four figures a month. The economic downturn hasn’t affected her business. She says: “Bottom line, blogging is cost-effective advertising for my clients because it’s long-lasting; they see results immediately.”

Here’s what you need to become a pro blogger: a blog of your own, the ability to write proposals to companies you want to write for, and organizational ability. (You don’t need tech know-how, most blogging is done on WordPress which is as easy to use as an email program.)

3. Write Web Content: It’s in High Demand

While articles and blogs are Web reddit essay writing service content, there’s lots of other forms of content you can write, including straight Web pages, catalog and news copy, and reviews.

Here’s what you need to write Web content: your own Web site, and a minimal knowledge of SEO and marketing.

4. Offer Business Writing Services: You’re a Virtual Assistant

Many companies online are small businesses, with fewer than 20 employees. Indeed, many companies are solo enterprises. This means that out-sourcing is huge on the Web. Companies out-source everything from their email to their marketing.

If you’re skilled at office management tasks, you can offer business writing services as a virtual assistant.


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