If you Spell “Commission”, You don’t Deserve One

Some people think that punctuation well is outmoded or, at the very least, no big deal. And in many venues it isn’t. If you’re talking to a friend on instant messaging about your problems with “selling Victoriun houses in the reseshun” nobody really has feelings for you. If you’re trying to sound like a professional on your website about the real estate industry, it matters.

Punctuation is important as a medium https://www.laweekly.com/break-up-spell-or-everything-you-wanted-to-know/ of communication, as an indication of education and as a mark of awareness of detail. It is a formidable weapon in your system of subtle look-I’m-awesome-hire-me messages you hope you’re advertising into your potential consumer’s mind. Some people really do modify their opinion of you when they see misspelled words on your websites or in your listings.

Accurately and efficiently advertising information is the prime function of punctuation. Every misspelled word jars someone out of their reading “flow” as they have to spend a fraction more time to challenge out what you mean. Most of the time you can know very well what a person means when they spell something wrong, but it breaks in the flow of reading and is an aggravation. Frustrations are counterproductive to your image as a professional who makes things easy. And when punctuation is so bad that it completely changes what you’re trying to say? It’s a nightmare that the client will be only too glad to get rid of by clicking the X button.

Punctuation indicates that you are educated. People respect education. The person who speaks well and writes well will always look better than the person who does not. Education indicates experience and experience. People are more unlikely that to assume that they can frighten or fool you. They will also be more likely to assume that you know what you’re talking about.

In real estate, many transactions start at the website and end with a huge heap of legal papers. Punctuation correctly on your website and listings indirectly reassures the person hiring you to do a lot of the drawing-up and writing-out of the various legal documents associated with a real estate transaction that you know what you’re talking about and can fill out paperwork and prepare offers properly. You don’t want someone thinking, “Well if this person are not frustrated to spell “recession” correctly, what ELSE doesn’t he bother to pay attention to? inch

You don’t have to spell well in order to make sure that your website and listings are correctly spelled and have good sentence structure. Use a spell check or hire a writer. Someone who can take your notes, ideas and information and then craft a well-worded page, article or listing is invaluable to your search engine optimization strategy. You can also improve your vocabulary by reading and searching for words in the book.

Having a website and listings that are correctly spelled is imperative for your online presence. Punctuation indicates you’ve studied, guess what happens you’re talking about and that you have a wholesome regard for the niceties of communication which will be appreciated by clients who are about to make the biggest purchase of their lives.

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