Government Run Online Gambling Operations

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With the countless online gambling businesses operating around the world and the massive 12 billion dollar industry that it has turned into I am asking is there space for government-run online gambling companies?


In the beginning of 2009 early 2009, in the beginning of 2009, British Columbia government attempted to launch a brand new online betting service online to earn additional money to the provincial and local economy. The second day they were having online access, they were victimized by a group hackers using computers to exploit an insecure security flaw, which compromised all of the operation. The second day they were online was to be the final day of this government owned venture into the online gambling market.


From the lessons discovered from this encounter, we have learned that the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) plans to create the gaming website 메이저사이트  available for general use in the latter part of 2012. Is the OLG employ more vigilance to ensure the integrity of their operations and also the security of the public, who will ultimately be the ones to decide whether this will sink or swim. It will be interesting to see whether the OLG can launch successfully the first Canadian government-run online gambling site.


After having thought about this for a long time today, I’m still unsure of how I think about the idea of a Government Run internet betting website. In the casino, at a minimum I have seen people winning huge jackpots and the like. In a virtual gambling atmosphere, I’d be worried about the fairness of the games and I would much rather the experience of going to a casino and the thrill of winning.

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