Boobala’s Safari Island Tour

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The long-awaited Safari Island Tour on Barbados has finally arrived for the passengers of the luxury cruise liner, Empress Carinthia. The Empress Carinthia is scheduled to return to the States after the Captain’s Night Gala affair. Because parts of the island are almost inaccessible by tour buses, the specially designed Safari Land Rovers are used for the tour. These vehicles had a covered, open cab for easy viewing from the back and sides, with an awning hanging on the side to prevent the passengers from getting sun stroke on blazing days or getting wet if it should rain. Each vehicle seats 10 to 11 passengers, who have to remain seated and in seat belts at all times. It was strongly suggested that if anyone had any physical problems, such as being pregnant, having a heart condition or a bad back, that they should not participate in this tour.

Boobala and Irving had become close during the cruise, and she really was looking forward to taking the Island Tour with Irving. She really liked him and didn’t want to go by herself, but she was very concerned about Irving’s hip problem. He assured her that he was fine, however. She told him to lean on her whenever he felt he needed to. She didn’t even mind him wearing his mismatched outfit. He was so entertaining, she found herself laughing out loud at times thanks to him. It felt good to laugh again. Boobala had lived a long, rough life, and needed someone to make her happy for a change.

To their dismay, the Safari Rovers that were awaiting them were in rough condition. The owner did not maintain them very well, but they were guaranteed to be safe anyway. Faro, the driver, guide and owner of the vehicle that Boobala and Irving were directed to, was a native of the island. He spoke with a Bajan dialect. Faro was a delightful person who possessed a local, colorful character. Dressed in a multi-colored designer shirt, which was open to the naval, he sported baggy pants rolled up to the knees, shoes without socks, and a straw Panama hat.  Andaman Tour Package He had lived in the United States for several years, pursuing the American Dream. He had dreamed of returning to Barbados with lots of money in his pocket so he could start a business. Besides being a great story-teller, the charismatic Faro managed to find humor in every situation. It was hard to tell when he was telling the truth or not. Whenever he would approach an interesting point in the tour, he would suddenly shout out: “Oh Yeah, Wow Whee!” He did this constantly, but at least it made the Safari Island Tour quite entertaining and unforgettable. Now it’s time to meet Faro.

Oh Yeah, Wow, Whee!

Hey, hey everybody, welcome aboard!
My name is Faro, and I’m your guide!
You ride with me, you’ll feel like a Lord!
You must believe me, cause I’ve never lied!

Oh Yeah, Wow, Whee!
I came from the land of opportunity,
Where I lived off the money I got for free, man
Those welfare checks have been good to me.
came back here before the I.R.S. got me.

Oh Yeah Wow, Whee,
Opportunity has set me free!
Oh Yeah Wow, Whee,
I hope the I.R.S., she never catch me.

Oh Yeah, Wow, Whee!
If you too want to give it up and be free,
Come on down to my yi, yi, land
Oh Yeah, Wow, Whee, come down and live like me.

My life wasn’t easy, I was very poor,
Back there in Harlem, it was rough
Those welfare checks, helped me live for sure
I played the numbers, till I had enough,.
To come down here, buy this bus and give tours!

What you’ll see, you’ll enjoy,
You’ll see the land and the lovely sea,
You’ll breathe the sweet refreshing breeze,
You’ll live like a native, but don’t mind the poverty.

Oh Yeah, Wow Whee,
Opportunity will set you free.
Oh Yeah, Wow Whee,
This life is good for you and for me.

Hey, hey look around you, see the sights!
See cows and chickies, palm trees too, and
You’ll hear the rooster go cu-cu-ru-cu
The smells, the sounds and this lovely view!

You’ll love what you drink from the coconut tree
All the fruits on the yi, yi, land are free.
You won’t have to work to earn your keep
Just be in the breeze, breathe it in deep,
You’ll live like a native, poor and free.

Oh Yeah, Wow, Whee,
Opportunity will set you free!
Oh Yeah, Wow, Whee,
Life is good for you and for me.

Aren’t you a little curious to find out more about Boobala’s life before she went on this cruise? If you want to follow Boobala’s intriguing tale, you can read her life story in my previously published series of articles called Boobala Darling Wins a Cruise. at


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